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Canton Pantry Angels
help feed their community
hile working in downtown
Canton's free community
garden last October, Laine
Kirby Wood found herself facing a
teenage girl, a younger girl and their
father, who told Wood, " We are hungry. "
Wood gave them all the tomatoes
she had just harvested. She referred the
group to some local food ministries and
told them they could grow food in her
garden beds.
Wood later contacted Roy Taylor,
a Canton-based architect who owns
the garden, and told him about the
encounter. Taylor installed a cabinet at
the garden where donated food could be
accessed by the community.
As word spread about the little free
pantry, donations started pouring in.
Wood said friends from across the country
sent more than $500 in donations.
Other Canton residents wanted to join
in as well, which led to the creation of
Canton Pantry Angels, a public Facebook
group with more than 450 members.
" We're just people who can't not
help, " Wood says. " We are our brother's
keeper. "
Because the community garden
pantry is not readily accessible to all in
need, Wood and other volunteers took on
the responsibility of a second little free
pantry outside the Salvation Army store
on Marietta Road in Canton.
Volunteers fill the shelves with rice,
dried beans, canned goods, granola bars,
canned meats, peanut butter, jelly and
other shelf-stable items.
" Here in Canton, the need is
tremendous, " Wood says.
" It's neighbors feeding neighbors, "
volunteer Jory Seidel Cannon says. " We
live among [those in need] whether we
know it or not. They could be living in
a car or behind a church, but they are
here. "
For more information about
how to donate or volunteer, visit
-Karon Warren
Volunteers with the Canton Pantry Angels
stock this cabinet with free food at downtown
Canton's free community garden. It is
one of two free pantries in Canton.
A blessing to neighbors in need
Hunger is constant; it does not go away. Imagine not
Blood donors
desperately needed
Offi cials with the American Red
Hospital demand for blood
Cross recently announced a severe blood
shortage nationwide and encouraged
the public to roll up their sleeves to
products this summer is up 12 percent
compared with last year, and more than
1,000 additional blood donations each
day are needed to keep up with demand.
All blood types are needed, but type O
blood is in critical need.
For more information or to schedule
a donation appointment, visit redcross or call (800) 733-2767.
knowing where you might get your next meal or
a bite to eat.
The Canton Pantry Angels group has to be a blessNOT
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ing in a way many of us will never know. [See " Canton
Pantry Angels help feed their community, " September
2021, page 9;]
I congratulate the volunteers on this wonderful
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creation and on their selection of food items. Maybe a
candy bar sometime would be a joy and delight to a
hungry child.
08-09_GA_News_SW_REV_0921.indd 9
8/12/218/12/21 12:25 PM 12:25 PM
-Dot Padgett, Douglasville
Seeking sandwiches
I very much enjoyed the article in July on sandwich shops across the state. [See
" In search of the perfect sandwich, " page 28;] It even mentions
Stacked Sandwiches, here in our town of Milledgeville. The shop has other awesome
offerings as well. One thing I get is a thick chowder with corn that's served in a bread
Y'all need to come spend the day in Milledgeville. It has other hidden gems, too!
I also enjoy the trivia contest in the magazine
Around GEORGIA By Victoria Scharf DeCastro
along with several interesting articles each month. I
always just stop when Georgia Magazine arrives in our
mailbox to catch up on what's featured.
-Vivian Andrews, Milledgeville
We had a great time talking with Georgia
Magazine to be featured in the Around Georgia article.
[We're] honored to be recognized as one of the top
restaurants when looking for the " perfect sandwich " !
-Jack's New Yorker Deli, via Twitter
Gaining knowledge
I enjoy reading Georgia Magazine and finding the answers to the trivia contest
questions each month. Also, I learn a lot about Georgia!
28-32_Around_GA_0721.indd 28
28-32 Around
721 indd 28
Celebrating the Georgia lifestyle
ating the Georgia lifest
The Porcelain
and Decorative
Arts Museum
page 34
Adventure racing,
Peach State-style
page 16
The Foundation for
Hospital Art
page 20
to Buc-ee's
page 23
Great places to
bike in Georgia
page 30
JUNE 2021
I love learning a lot about Georgia and its residents
from this magazine!
-Nancy J. Bennett, Millwood
I really enjoy reading the magazine. I love the recipes!
-Liz Paulk, Baxley
We moved to Georgia a few months ago and started
flipping through the June magazine and saw your trivia
contest. We had fun finding the answers!
-Stephanie Berthier-Drown, Douglasville
Editor's note: We've gotten some entertaining answers to our trivia contest in the
last few months. As a reminder, each month's trivia contest answers can be found within
the pages of that issue. Happy reading!
Share your thoughts. Email us at Please include your name, address
and phone number. Letters may be edited for clarity and space.
4 Georgia Magazine October 2021
Laurel George
In search of the
perfect sandwich
lmost everyone loves a good sandwich, and Georgia is home to
some of the tastiest and most creative sandwiches you will find
anywhere. Whether you are craving a traditional Reuben on rye,
savory chicken salad or some other combo, here are a few places you
might like to try.
The Country Cupboard & Deli, Thomaston,
If you're searching for a sandwich like Grandma used to make, you
can find it at The Country Cupboard & Deli in Thomaston.
" One of the main things we hear is how fresh everything is, " says Gary
Kauffman, who co-owns the deli with his wife, Laura.
Customers also get to choose what kind of bread, meats, cheeses,
veggies and condiments they want on their sandwiches.
" Our chicken salad sandwich is our most popular seller. We came up
with the recipe when we first opened up [in 2010], and we've kept it the
same pretty much all the way through, " Kauffman says.
The Kauffman family wanted a business that would bring them closer
to their community as they and their small church attempted to affect the
community in positive ways.
" Little did we realize how well it would go, " he says. " It really took off
and has done well for us over the years.
28 Georgia Magazine July 2021
6/11/21 3:10 PM
" We just try to help out where we
can. And the restaurant is supporting us
in that greater cause. "
Doug's Deli Downtown,
Doug's Deli Downtown in Rome is
known for its fresh, made-from-scratch
sandwiches. Customer favorites include
the Downtown Turkey Sandwich-made
with bacon, provolone cheese, avocado,
tomatoes, sprouts and mayonnaise-and
As October ushers in the season of
ghost stories and ghoulish entertainment,
one of autumn's most iconic
events returns to the Atlanta Botanical
Garden's locations in Atlanta and
Gainesville: the Scarecrows in the
Garden exhibit. This annual happening
showcases dozens of creations by local
businesses, organizations and individuals
that are installed throughout the
These scarecrows-some just kooky
and others downright spooky-are on
display throughout October, but that's
not all that's on tap at the gardens this
month. Turn to " Scarecrows in the
Garden, " starting on page 20, to find out
about this and other fall events at the
Atlanta and Gainesville locations.
Georgia has its fair share of haunted
towns, buildings and cemeteries. In
fact, our state is home to what some
have called " America's most haunted
city " : Savannah. This hair-raising locale
is just one of the destinations in the
lineup of otherworldly adventures we
explore in this issue.
So, if you're not afraid of a little
paranormal activity, read " Reanimating
Georgia's history through ghost tours, "
starting on page 28, and find out how
you can celebrate Georgia's past with a
guided tour of some of our state's most
haunted places.
Spooky tales aren't all we tell this
-Virginia Prickett, Opelika, Ala.
month. Turn to page 16 to read the
story of Grace Key, a young woman who
is on a mission to spread love, kindness
and acceptance. Born with Down
syndrome-or " Up syndrome, " as her
family calls it-Key has co-founded an
apparel business featuring her own
colorful and whimsical artwork.
Besides being an artist and businesswoman,
Key is also a philanthropist
and has given more than $45,000 to
charities that share her vision. We think
you'll agree that her belief in herself and
compassion for others have truly earned
her the moniker " Amazing Grace. "

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