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Americans can finally grow hair so thick " It will
cover up your bald spots, " says top US Doctor
Clinical trials show a new hair loss breakthrough can both help men and women naturally
regrow a thick, full head of hair - without drugs, surgery, or side effects
housands are rushing to get a new
hair restoration method based on surprising
new studies from the University of
It is the world's first and only hair loss
solution that revives dead hair follicles.
And studies confirm it helps men and
women regrow a thick, full head of hair,
even after years of balding.
Now, with news of this breakthrough
spreading like wildfire - the manufacturers
are struggling to keep up with
overwhelming demand.
That's because, unlike other methods,
it is prescription-free, drug-free, and has
no side effects. And while hair transplants
can cost $4,000 or more, this new approach
costs pennies on the dollar and
doesn't involve going to the doctor's office.
it leverages cutting-edge technology
to prevent hair loss, fill-in embarrassing
bald spots, and renourish thinning
hair - with results you can see and
feel in 30 days or less.
As Jeanne F. from San Diego, CA reports:
" When my husband began to use
this product, all he had on top of his head
was fuzz. His hair began to grow after 30
days and now it is about 2 to 3 inches
long! "
Surprising Truth About Hair Loss
It is commonly believed that hair loss
is hereditary.
Unfortunately, most people think
there is nothing they can do to stop it.
However, while many doctors will tell you
that thinning hair, a receding hairline, and
bald spots are due to your genetics, this is
not the whole story.
" While genetics play a role, it's not the
main reason you lose hair, " says Dr. Al
Sears, the nation's top anti-aging doctor.
" And surprisingly it's not just your age,
thyroid, hormones, stress, or a vitamin
deficiency, either. "
The latest scientific research reveals
that hair loss is primarily caused by the
stem cells in your hair follicles dying.
" This discovery is a true breakthrough
because by reviving these stem cells on
your scalp, you can stop hair loss dead
in its tracks and trigger new hair growth,
even in areas that have been thinning for
years, " explains Dr. Sears.
Now, at his world-famous clinic, the
Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine
in Palm Beach, Florida, Dr. Sears and his
team have used this game-changing discovery
to develop a brand-new hair restoration
formula that is taking the country
by storm.
Sold under the name Re-Nourish, it is
flying off the shelves with men and women
of all ages raving about the results it
" I have seen a significant improvement
in hair growth. Previously, you
could see thinning areas at the back of
my head and now hair has grown over
it, " says Peter W. from Ontario, Canada.
And Susan D. from Fort Pierce, Florida
reports, " My hair was thinning. So, I began
to use Re-Nourish every day on the
front part of my scalp. Now I have thicker
hair. "
Regrows Hair In Just 30 Days
Scientists now know that stem cells
are the lifeblood of your hair follicles.
Research from the University of California
shows they're the reason you're
able to grow hair. However, these stem
cells aren't always active. In fact, studies
reveal they're only active during certain
phases of the hair growth cycle.
" Your hair grows in three phases, " explains
Dr. Sears. " First, you have the anagen
phase, the hair growing phase. Then
the catagen phase, when hair gets ready
to shed. And finally, the telogen phase,
where your hair is pushed from the follicle
and falls out. "
As you get older it becomes harder for
your hair follicles to complete this threephase
cycle. The results? Your hairs get
stuck in the telogen phase. This is when
they start falling out and stop regrowing,
no matter what you try.
This process doesn't happen overnight,
says Dr. Sears.
Breakthrough research proves this discovery helps fill-in bald spots, re-nournishes
thinning hair, and leads to noticeable growth in as little as 30 days.
down the drain. Finally, you're left with
bald spots that age you prematurely. "
Fortunately, Re-Nourish puts a stop to
this. It revives the dead stem cells in your
hair follicles and reactivates your hair's
three-phase cycle, triggering new growth
in as little as 30 days - even in areas
that've been balding for years.
Reawakens Dead Hair Follicles
For years, scientists couldn't figure out
why hair follicle stem cells died.
However, a study from the University
of California finally found the answer.,
It has to do with T-cells - an important
immune cell in your body. The
researchers discovered these T-cells are
the only way to command hair follicles to
grow new hair.
More importantly, they showed that Tcells
helped revive the stem cells in your
hair follicles - spurring new growth, filling
in bald spots and natural hairline.
Re-Nourish uses a unique blend of
all-natural ingredients. By spraying it on
your hair once per day, scientific studies
show you can revive dead stem cells and
improve the appearance of thicker, fuller
For example, the key nutrient of ReNourish
was tested on a group of severely
balding women.
After 6 months, nearly 70% of the
" At first, your hair dries out, becoming
brittle, thin, and harder to style. Then,
you start finding hairs on your pillow and
women saw significant improvement in
hair growth. Their hair was noticeably
fuller, thicker, and healthier looking. Most
exciting of all, they grew new hair on parts
of their scalp that had been bald for years.
In another study, Italian researchers
gathered a group of both men and women
with thinning hair and applied the core
ingredient of Re-Nourish. After 12 weeks,
they reported a staggering 74% increase
in hair growth.
" It's really mind-boggling that my
hair started growing back, " says Zan R.,
another Re-Nourish customer.
With results like this, it's no surprise
that demand for Re-Nourish is soaring.
Thousands of men and women are
scrambling to get their hands on the limited-supply
Re-Nourish is not currently available
in any store at any price. But we've secured
a small batch for our readers.
Try Re-Nourish 100% Risk-Free
For the next 48-hours, Dr. Sears is
offering readers a risk-free trial of ReNourish.
Sears feels so strongly about
this product that he is backing every
order with a risk-free, 100% moneyback
guarantee. To take advantage of
this special offer, simply call the Sears
Toll-Free Health Hotline at 1-800584-9408
now. Use Promo Code
GARN0422 when you call in.
[EDITOR'S NOTE]: Due to recent media
exposure for Re-Nourish, the Sears
Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine is experiencing
unprecedented demand. If the
phone line is busy when you call, please
try again to avoid missing this special onetime-only

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