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Key Insights Into Overcoming mRNA Process Challenges
Key Insights Into Overcoming
mRNA Process Challenges
As the COVID-19 pandemic began to wreak
havoc on the world in 2020, the biopharmaceutical
industry started working tirelessly to develop
a vaccine to stop this global threat. Emerging
from this effort were the vaccines by Moderna
and Pfizer-BioNTech using messenger RNA, or
mRNA. Originally targeting primarily therapeutic
cancer vaccines, mRNA has had a slow uptake
in the industry until now due to challenges
with distribution, specificity, and stability within
the body. In an industry averse to change,
these limitations have left mRNA brewing on
the back burner of innovation for decades.
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However, advances in science and an upheaval
of focus and resources dedicated to mRNA R&D
during the response to the COVID-19 outbreak
have catapulted it into the spotlight as a disruptive
technology that could change the future
of medicine. The scientific community still faces
hurdles, though, when it comes to efficient
and effective process development of mRNA
vaccines and therapies. Realizing the potential of
mRNA requires focus on key areas and strategies
that could help alleviate the bottlenecks in this
growing market segment, ultimately leading to
a transformative breakthrough in patient care.


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