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Precision NanoSystems has
developed a microfluidic-based
continuous flow manufacturing
platform for the development
and manufacture of nanoparticle
drug delivery systems. The
platform, called NanoAssemblrĀ®,
includes Blazeā„¢ (shown here), a
system that allows nanoparticle
formulations to be scaled rapidly
in late preclinical development.
leveraged.5 The disease-agnostic platform can
be easily adapted to produce a wide range of
RNA-based treatments that can expand the
scope of the technology beyond infectious
diseases to broader disease targets,
which could make alternate manufacturing
models more economically feasible.
As RNA-LNP technology continues to mature,
the following factors will provide efficiencies
to allow more flexible manufacturing designs:
better mRNA constructs; LNP modifications
to improve stability; increases in in vivo
efficacy; and reduced dosing requirements.
The success of mRNA vaccines has driven an
acceleration of other RNA-enabled treatments
that will only exacerbate the already strained
capacity to produce the COVID-19 vaccines;
therefore, new solutions to address bottlenecks
in development and manufacturing
are needed. A manufacturing technology
that scales easily and practically from the
bench to commercial manufacturing is a
critical issue in translating RNA medicines.
Next-generation microfluidic mixing devices
that easily integrate into existing workflows and
rapidly scale across all stages of development
and manufacturing are improving vaccine time
to market, formulation robustness, and repeatability.
Innovative technologies like these are
helping address uncertainties related to both
the development and operation of large-scale
production processes, as RNA-LNP technology
becomes more widespread and readily adopted.
Decentralized and integrated
manufacturing pave the way forward
Centralized, single-product, single-facility
manufacturing, while providing economies of
scale for classical and current COVID-19 mRNA | 7


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