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Resolving Challenges of Oncolytic Immunotherapy Delivery to Disrupt the Tumor Microenvironment...
an increase in frequency of NTR CD8 T cells secreting
proinflammatory cytokines.3
These results suggest
that the combination therapy effectively enhanced
the activity of HER.2 CAR-T cells by increasing the
number of polyfunctional cells.
The IsoSpeak data informatics software from
IsoPlexis was used to identify rare subsets of CD4
and CD8 cells. One group of CD4 cells co-cultured
with uninfected MSCs primarily secreted IL-8, while a
second group of CD4 cells that was co-cultured with
CAd MSCs secreted up to 9 cytokines per cell, with
the majority secreting IFN-γ, granzyme B, and CCL11
simultaneously, implying that CAd MSCs increased
14 |
the production of proinflammatory cytokines by
CD4 CAR-T cells in response to the tumor cells.
There was also a shift in CD8 CAR-T cell phenotype
associated with treatment using CAd-MSCs. CD8
HER.2 CAR-T cells generally expressed a proinflammatory
phenotype following tumor exposure, while
treatment with MSCs was not associated with this
phenotype. However, both CD4 and CD8 CAR-T cells
treated with CAd MSCs showed enhanced secretion
of CCL11, a chemokine associated with increased
adhesion molecules and T cell chemotaxis.3
functional single-cell proteomics revealed insights
into the mechanisms of anti-tumor activity through


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