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Antibody Internalization

KD value for Herceptin for its target receptor

process is a simple, fast, and insightful way to

(approximately 5 nM).

identify candidates that meet your therapeutic
goals early in the drug discovery process.

Speed and Insight through
Advanced Antibody Screening

Combining Advanced Flow Cytometry

Quick and accurate identification of suitable

and Live-Cell Imaging and Analysis

drug candidates is key to the development of

for Complete Antibody Profiling:

therapeutic antibodies. ABI is an essential part

A Real-World Screening Strategy

of the selection criteria for ADC candidates. It

Employing Our pH-Sensitive Dye

can be used for functional profiling and rate

and Instrument Platforms

comparisons, as well as mechanistic studies

Researchers at LifeArc used the iQue® platform

when coupled with additional multiplexed

and Incucyte Live-Cell Analysis System as part

readouts, thus reducing the time required for

of their strategy to develop a new ADC targeting

lead generation. To illustrate the capabilities of

neuroblastoma. Neuroblastoma is a rare cancer

advanced antibody screening, we have described

that nevertheless is the most common extra-

our solution for efficiently interrogating libraries of

cranial solid tumor in children, with a 5-year

candidates early in the screening process.

survival rate of 50% for patients with high-risk

For comprehensive cell and antibody

disease. The researchers found they were able

characterization, we used our novel, pH-sensitive

to use these systems in combination, not only

reagent and the iQue® advanced flow cytometry

for screening, but also for assay development,

platform. This combination is best for screening

lead candidate profiling, and characterization.

and early full concentration profiling because it

They found that the iQue® platform offered fast,

enables simultaneous analysis of a variety of cell

high-content analysis, while the Incucyte live-

and antibody characteristics within the same

cell analysis system offered kinetic, image-based

workflow. For quantitative, pharmacological

analysis. Combining data from the two systems

analysis and direct, head-to-head comparisons of

gave them a complete antibody profile.

ABI, we used a version of our novel, pH-sensitive

In brief, the researchers identified anaplastic

reagent and the Incucyte live-cell analysis system.

lymphoma kinase (ALK) as a target for their

This combination is useful for further functional

therapeutic approach because level of ALK

profiling that requires spatial and temporal

expression correlates with disease stage and

resolution. This advanced antibody screening

ALK antibodies show surface expression

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