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Part 3
Drug discovery and
development: Outsourcing
and working with CROs
Anjali Sarkar: What led to the partnering
between Paros Bio and Charles River across
several different business units?
I've had the opportunity to work with Ben and the team
even before Paros Bio was formed. Some of the work started
with our discovery team in San Francisco with Holden.
In parallel, the Paros Bio team was working with a group
called Vigene Biosciences in Rockville, MD. Subsequently,
that CDMO was acquired by Charles River. As we were
seeing material being passed between the CDMO and the
discovery site, it just became natural to start to pull those
activities together. I was excited to work with the team
and support those activities. As the success of the program
continued and as Paros Bio continued to evolve and their
needs changed, it was also natural to explore other capabilities
within Charles River that might be available to them. It
was an honor to be part of that process and be available to
them to facilitate those discussions as needed.
We're a small company and like many small firms we have
a limited internal footprint. We have talented scientists in
house, but by necessity we must rely on CROs to gain access
to additional technologies and resources. From a financial
and a resource perspective, there's only so much we can do
within the four walls of Paros Bio.
Managing CRO relationships and projects through CROs
is a time-consuming process. The ability to do that in a
consolidated fashion under one umbrella is a big advantage.
The first issue to address when you're looking outside the
company for a CRO to partner with is: where does the
expertise reside, who has the right models, who has the right
skill set, who can do the studies that you need to get done.
The second issue is: where is that relationship going to work
well, where do you know people that you can work with
easily, who are responsive partners, who are easy to interact
with, and who are scientifically rigorous. All of those things
have to come together.
As Charles River has grown and brought many different
types of expertise and assays and reagents under one roof, it's
greatly simplified our work in terms of being able to work
through a limited number of partners to get different types
of work done. From a timing perspective, having topnotch
scientists at Charles River has facilitated our ability to reach
out to them for many different reasons. It has been a big
advantage for us.
Anjali Sarkar: What are the advantages
of partnering with a CRO in an integrated
manner to accomplish different phases of the
work under one roof as opposed to working
with different CROs with different technical
The one word that probably describes it most effectively is
efficiency. Communication takes time. It may seem simple
in principle, but emails, phone calls, and zoom meetings all
take time, and establishing reliable relationships with external
partners is critical. Being able to unify that under one roof
greatly simplifies all that and makes it a much more efficient
process. Our ability to go to one person-for instance, Brian,
who serves as a hub in a hub-and-spoke model and is tied
into different aspects at Charles River-makes our job much
easier. It makes it possible, in turn, to establish relationships
with people like Holden and Reno whom we get to know well
and on whom we can rely. It minimizes the amount of new
work, contracts, and relationships. Time is the most valuable
commodity in life and certainly in the business world. Being
able to limit the amount of time we spend on communication
and establishing new relationships is a huge benefit to us. | 11


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