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Scientific rigor and technical expertise trumps everything
else. If you can find the expertise you need in an organization
that facilitates communication and efficiency, it's an
advantage. The reason we went to Brains Online before they
were Charles River was because they had technical expertise
that we felt was top tier. We wanted to work with them. If
that then becomes part of Charles River and facilitates all the
efficiencies that we've spoken about, that's icing on the cake.
From within Charles River, we strive for unification when
working with one client across multiple groups. This ability
to connect across groups also provides advantages on our
end to better support our clients. If there's a storm on the east
coast and something needs to get shipped, we can connect
internally and make sure things get to where they need to or
adjust our schedule accordingly. In this case, we have Brian
as the contact person. If there's a challenge in the study or
some other issue, we need to connect the dots, or we need
something to happen quickly.
From the external perspective, having that support and
connection within Charles River is useful. Knowing what
might be coming can be helpful on the internal side to be able
to help support our clients and help them move forward as
fast as possible. For instance, if we know there's a follow-up
study coming up, we can optimize timelines to help support
those efforts.
I've been in the CRO world for quite a while and know there
are different types of relationships. There are some relationships
where a client may drop in for a little piece here and
there and there's not much communication. But when we
know that the client has committed a lot to that partnership
and that they're relying on us, it makes a big difference. It
focuses our team to know that there's a lot on the line for this
partner, and we want to do everything we can, beyond what
we already do. Knowing the story behind the people with
whom we are working with and their mission as an organiza12
tion, makes a difference for us. We feel like part of the team.
Having those efficiencies and being able to participate in such
an important project is meaningful for us.
Eric hit it on the head-the first thing clients or partners
are going to look for are capabilities and expertise. Charles
River has been thoughtful around finding the right assets
and organizations to fold within Charles River and to make
sure we have the right set of capabilities and expertise. But
you can't just build it and expect they will come. You must
be able to make sure it's fully supported across different
businesses and sites within Charles River.
As an organization with over a hundred facilities, we
need to make sure our clients feel like we're one company
and not just a collection of different entities. The leadership
within Charles River thought ahead around how we should
support that. Through a team of alliance managers, including
myself, a team of science advisors, and a new team called the
cell and gene therapy navigators, the leadership at Charles
River wants to make sure we embrace the clients across the
full journey, to make sure nothing gets dropped, and that
they know where to go when something comes up because
this is advanced cutting-edge science. It's not a question of if
something's going to go wrong, it's about when something is
going to go wrong and how we deal with it. So having that
partnership and communication is helpful.
Anjali Sarkar: To bring about this feeling of
integrity within teams that aren't physically
together needs sophisticated communication.
What tools and approaches do you use to handle
this communication seamlessly, across the stakeholders
of multiple projects in the network?
We must have everything integrated, but we also must
execute at the bench and at the site level. Typically, we
would host focused calls with the Paros Bio team on specific
work-streams. Those were executed to make sure the science
and the operations were moving forward. In addition, our


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