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team in alliance management puts together resources for
the client and for our internal team, mapping out who are
the stakeholders involved in the end-to-end program. Gantt
charts and trackers make sure things are going smoothly.
Both internal and external folks on both sides of the partnership
can see those activities.
Also, being under an umbrella brings a rapidness of communication
internally. Flurries of emails and instant messages
internally make sure that things are moving forward quickly.
Internal discussions make sure that the entire internal team is
aligned on the goals and the mission for the program. Those
types of communications are critical. From time to time we
have portfolio discussions with Eric and Ben around what
the whole program looks like to make sure we move forward
continuously and seamlessly to meet their goals.
Anjali Sarkar: In addition to communicating
big picture strategies, policies, and
decision-making, could you expand on the
data sharing aspects of communication?
From a data-sharing perspective, we've found Charles River
to be proactive with setting up data rooms and leveraging the
latest technology to facilitate efficient communication. Most
data is generally exchanged by email, but we have found
it helpful to have a general repository where we can look
through the past history to understand meeting notes and
similar communications. One aspect that I've experienced
across the Charles River umbrella is the proactive communication
around setbacks. As Brian mentioned, this is cuttingedge,
difficult science. Mistakes and setbacks happen. We've
really appreciated that things have been forthcoming and
solution-based discussions have been the norm.
The reason clients want to work with CROs is trust. They
trust us to do the high-quality work they need. We work
hard to establish their trust through communication. We let
clients know if there's an issue with a test article, if there's any
abnormal signs in the animals after injection, or even when
everything goes smoothly the day of injection. We make sure
the client, Paros Bio in this case, gets the information as fast
as possible because they're trusting us to run their studies
for them. If we're not communicating clearly, that trust is
lost. If there are any deviations from what the client expects,
communicating that as soon as possible also helps figure out
solutions when issues do arise.
Anjali Sarkar: How do you coordinate
the communication of the data with the
decision-making process?
Most of the communication is done on our end via email. We
make sure to include all responsible individuals involved in
the study so that everyone knows what's going on. Keeping
everyone in the loop and keeping that communication line
open and distributed as much as possible is important.
Our normal communications are email-centric and frequent,
which we appreciate. We've always found the Charles River
team to be happy to jump on a call. We appreciate that flexibility,
the willingness to be great communicators, and letting
us know as soon as there's an issue and coming forward with
A few synergies come to mind that emerge from this
connectivity. First, it lowers the bar, logistically. We had a
challenging logistic situation with Reno's group and needed
to get some test article to Holden's group quickly. Normally
that would involve significant operational attention on our
end, but was resolved through internal processes, which is
something that we much appreciated.
The second major advantage is in being able to leverage
Charles River's expertise across its broad portfolio. There
have been frequent occasions when Brian has made us aware
that Charles River has offerings that could help advance | 13


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