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our program. Those are generally things that we have taken
advantage of. For specific analytics, it's also helpful for us to
have that leverage still under the Charles River umbrella, as
part of the production process. With the communication and
the logistics at Charles River, we have higher confidence in
the integrity of the final data.
Working together as one team serving Paros Bio, it aids
problem solving. Being in the CDMO atmosphere and
coming from other CDMOs, it's hard to sometimes solve
a problem when you are only able to communicate with
the internal manufacturing team. By being part of this
wider group, you're privileged in a way that a lot of other
companies are not. Being able to have that oversight
and direct line with an alliance manager, such as Brian;
being able to get communications over to a preclinical
testing house, such as Holden's group; being able to bring
more minds together internally; and have those behindthe-scenes
conversations to work together to solve those
problems and move forward in a better way is a privilege.
It makes it easy to put our heads together and service our
clients in the best way we can.
I would echo that. With Paros Bio and other clients, being
able to communicate in the background, say when we
need an animal approval in short order to make sure we
keep things on track, and moving forward with internal
resources is a big advantage. Knowing the people to go to
at different sites for support and information and being
able to connect with them to make sure we're moving
things forward helps. When the client has a question
about a new capability, and we're figuring out how to
help support the client, we know whom to go to and
bring into the next conversation.
There are a lot of advantages to being such a large
organization and knowing whom to grab and pull into
certain conversations, depending on our clients' requests,
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what they want to move forward into the next steps or to
solve challenges when they do come about. We do thousands
of surgeries a year and have a lot of expertise in the area,
but when we see something that may be abnormal, knowing
whom to bring in to provide some additional insight is
helpful to our clients. It helps them move forward at the
speed they need.
" Scientific rigor and technical expertise
trump everything else. If you can find the
expertise you need in an organization that
facilitates communication and efficiency,
it's an advantage. "
- Eric Schaeffer
I've worked in both large and small pharma. When you're
in a large company, there's always someone to whom you
can reach out. For us at Paros Bio, at the other end of the
spectrum, we have some very smart people, but we're only
a small group and a small group can only have so much
breadth in terms of expertise. So, if we're working with Reno
or Holden's team, that basically expands our project team.
It's a virtual project team that allows us to gain access to
problem-solving in a way that we could never do internally.
That's a huge benefit for us. When Reno comes to us and
says here's a problem, I and Ben must work together to figure
out what to do, but we need the technical expertise of Reno's
team to brainstorm with us and bat around ideas to figure
out the best path forward. We see a lot of the relationships
that we have with CRO scientists as an extension of our own
company in many respects.


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