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Expert Biographies
Eric Schaeffer, PhD
is the CSO at Paros Bio, a gene therapy company working on treatments for chronic neurodegenerative diseases. Dr.
Schaeffer received his PhD from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City. He went on to do postdoctoral
fellowships at MIT and Rockefeller University prior to accepting a position at Pfizer. During his tenure at Pfizer, Dr.
Schaeffer held several positions within the neuroscience therapeutic area, including senior director of neuroscience
research, leading the in vitro and in vivo pharmacology groups. At Pfizer, Dr. Schaeffer contributed to advancing several
compounds into early development and played a key role on the team that discovered Chantix. In 2009, he joined CHDI
(Cure Huntington's Disease Initiative) as the director of neuropharmacology, and in 2010 he accepted a position in the early development
group at Bristol Meyers Squibb, as director of neuroscience clinical biomarkers. Prior to joining Paros Bio, Dr. Schaeffer was the neuroscience
therapeutic area lead at Johnson & Johnson Innovation, with responsibilities for developing and implementing the neuroscience external
innovation strategy for Eastern North America. In his current role at Paros Bio, Dr. Schaeffer leads a team focused on developing novel gene
therapies for the treatment of Autosomal Dominant Alzheimer's Disease (ADAD) and other chronic neurodegenerative conditions.
Ben Moore, PhD
is the director of research at Paros Bio. Dr. Moore received his PhD from Washington University in St. Louis where he studied
protein homeostasis in secretory cells. He completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital with
Bradley Hyman, PhD, where he studied protein aggregation in neurodegenerative diseases. Before joining Paros Bio, Dr.
Moore led the Alzheimer's program at Aquinnah Pharmaceuticals, where he and his team developed small molecules to
target pathological protein aggregation. Dr. Moore and his team at Paros Bio are focused on the development of a gene
replacement-based therapeutic approach for the treatment of Autosomal Dominant Alzheimer's Disease.
Holden Brown Janssens, PhD
is the scientific director of the CNS in vivo pharmacology group at Charles River, South San Francisco. Dr. Janssens joined
Charles River in 2017, through the Brains On-Line acquisition, where she supports the neuroscience team and has been
involved in the growth and expansion of the site. She received her PhD in neuroscience from the University of Illinois
in Chicago where her research focused on understanding the neural circuity involved in reward and learning utilizing a
combination of behavioral and in vivo neurotransmitter monitoring assays.
Reno Franchetti
is senior business development manager at Charles River with seven years' experience working in the gene therapy
industry. In 2015, Franchetti started his career in a virology lab at WuXi Advanced Therapies where he performed
assays for replication-competent AAV, adeno, and lentiviruses and infectious titer. Excelling at these lab techniques
allowed him to quickly climb to an associate scientist role by 2018 for multiple work cells, including rcAAV. Franchetti
then transferred to a sales operations specialist role in 2020.
Tasked with proposal writing, customer relationship data management, and all-around business development
(BD) support, Franchetti set his sights on a full time BD role. He obtained this role several months later at Vigene
Biosciences as a business development manager marketing gene therapy manufacturing services. Through the acquisition of Vigene by
Charles River in June 2021, Franchetti is now senior business development manager and fully integrated into Charles River.
Brian Murphy, MBA
is director of alliance management at Charles River since 2021. Murphy has worked in the biotechnology field for over 20
years. His role supports strategic cell and gene therapy clients across all engagements with Charles River including early
research, discovery, preclinical safety and toxicology, manufacturing, quality control, and clinical support. Prior to serving
in alliance management, Murphy was in the discovery services business of Charles River from 2019 to 2021. Before that,
he worked in the CDMO and GMP contract testing field for large-molecule drugs, including cell and gene therapies.
Murphy served in the emerging field of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) between 2012 and 2017, following 10 years
as a consultant in the life sciences and pharma-biotech market. | 3


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