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Anjali Sarkar: How does working with a
CRO over several phases of the process
help develop a centralized system for
quality control and subsequent
decision making?
The center of that has to be relationships. We have worked
closely with Charles River, and I've worked with Brian for
many years, and we have confidence in the teams that we
interface with. As Holden mentioned, trust is essential. It's
built on communication, but it's also built on knowing that
if the quality isn't there, and that's obvious to other parties,
things will be repeated or made right to get to the deliverables
that we both agreed upon. Knowing that Charles River is
going to stand behind their work gives us both incentives to
be flexible and to think about how we can drive and improve
quality together.
In the context of decision making, typically in our role as a
CRO, we help guide things. But it's ultimately the client who
decides what they want to do with their data and the next
step to be taken. I'm curious to know from Paros Bio, how
has that decision-making process played out in the context
of this partnership? How much has the Charles River team
helped guide some of those decisions or has it mostly been
the Paros Bio team?
You're right. Ultimately, we're the customer and we have to
drive the decision on what we want to do, but we can't make
that decision in a vacuum. We bring in consultants to help
us. Charles River has been exposed to some of those consultants.
But ultimately it must be a dialogue. The main thing is
to make the best decision. If we get input from an expert on
Reno's or Holden's team, we want to hear that and consider
it along with everything else. We see it as a dialogue that
ultimately drives decisions.
Another thing, slightly off topic. I don't really have any
idea about the inner workings of Charles River and how the
decisions about acquiring smaller companies are made. What
I can say is that when you're a large organization like Charles
River that brings in smaller companies under your umbrella,
it makes a big difference as to how you integrate those
companies and how effective they are in going forward. For
many years, I worked with Brains Online and now they're
part of Charles River. We also worked with Vigene which is
now part of Charles River.
There's a reason we worked with Brains Online. They
had tremendous expertise at injecting substances into mouse
brains, dialysis, and other things. The ability to retain
that expertise, to allow the experts at those companies to
continue without too much oversight or effort on the part
of the mothership to steer them in different directions or to
potentially change things in an unproductive way is a delicate
balance. It has been handled well by Charles River because
the expertise that existed at the subsidiaries that have become
part of the bigger Charles River organization has been
retained. That's what keeps organizations like us interested
in continuing to work with you.
Anjali Sarkar: Would you like to comment
on some of your prime considerations as you
proceed to the next stages of taking PSEN1
into the clinics?
Quality is going to be at the top of the list. We will continue
to look for and work with partners who deliver high-quality
work who we feel we can trust, scientifically. Cost is always
a driver as well. So, the combination of being able to get
good quality at a competitive price relative to the market
will drive our decision. If we can accomplish those two
endpoints and continue to work with a partner like Charles
River, with whom we already have multiple relationships,
that's an absolute bonus. There's no reason why we would
go elsewhere, assuming we can get the skill set, the quality, | 15


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