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Innovations in Cell-Based Screening * Phenotypic Screens Rise in Popularity

It uses cognitive network technology to allow
visualization of the marker, which is expressed
during kidney development but also after injury,
as tissue is regenerated.
So far, their efforts have found a series of
molecules that could aid the repair process and
reduce the formation of scar tissue.
Research has given them an explanation of why
and when, but the fundamental question remains.
"What we don't know is how they do this," says Dr.
Vogt. "Something is needed at the back end to let us
test how compounds affect activity, since we're
starting with a system that is hard to focus on, or
isn't monogenic, where we don't know the target."
Possible options include growth factor signals,
genetic manipulation, and hypothesis based on
models to figure out pathways. There could be a
role for chemical proteomics, as well as massspec-based methods, both of which are going on
at a number of universities. "In the end," concludes
Dr. Vogt, "you want to find the target, or at least
you want to know more about the mechanism." n


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These images, provided by the University of Pittsburgh Drug Discovery Institute, show zebrafish embryos
being used in drug discovery: (A) an organogenesis gene expressed in a developing zebrafish embryo at
7 hours post fertilization; (B) a custom-designed image analysis algorithm based on Definiens Cognition
Network Technology; and (C) the transgene identified within the embryo (blue), segments shield (green),
and germ ring (red) for quantitation.


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