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Innovations in Cell-Based Screening * More Predictive Cell-Based Assays

crunch the data in about one hour," notes Dr. Griffiths.
"The results showed that there is quite a variation in response to the different
drugs. You can get 'super responses' in some patients, and some drugs will only
act in a small proportion of patients," adds Dr. Griffiths. "This speaks to the
future of the target therapy market or personalized medicine. Our rapid
screening method should be useful in picking the right subset of patient
responders to use in a given clinical trial."
Recreating the Stem Cell Niche
According to Daniel Nolan, Ph.D., director of research at Angiocrine Bioscience,
the VeraVec endothelial cell (EC) platform was developed to overcome historical
and pervasive challenges in EC-supported stem cell (SC) expansion.
"Historically everyone culturing ECs has been beholden to irreducibly
complex media additives, including various serums and nebulous supplements,"
relates Dr. Nolan. "SCs co-cultured with ECs under these conditions do not
reliably expand or maintain their SC signatures."
This traditional system is at odds with biology, he says, because "SCs in vivo
sit directly on top of ECs, with ECs actually providing all the growth
factors SCs need."
"Our strategy is a biology approach that enables culture of VeraVec ECs,
through Adenovirus E4ORF1 gene expression, without any requirements for
irreducibly complex media additives," elaborates Dr. Nolan. "They are adapted
to in vitro conditions amenable to stem cell expansion, and we show that

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Angiocrine Bioscience developed the VeraVec endothelial cell (EC) platform
to overcome historical and pervasive challenges in EC-supported stem cell


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