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Evolution of CAR-T Cell Therapy
and Future Directions
GEN Interview with Dr. James Heath,
Institute for Systems Biology


ames Heath, PhD., is president and professor at the
Institute for Systems Biology in Seattle. He also has the
position of Professor of Molecular and Medical
Pharmacology at UCLA, and he has directed the NCI-funded
NSB Cancer Center since 2005.
The Heath group works on translating P4 medicine from
benchtop to bedside, with a focus on oncology. They are
particularly interested in developing and applying new
molecular, imaging, computational, and microchip-based
single-cell techniques for quantitatively interrogating
tumor/immune interactions. The team uses single-cell
methods, coupled with large scale molecular dynamics
calculations to develop a molecular-level understanding
of patient responses to engineered T-cell and drug-based
cancer immunotherapies, and to engineer novel therapies
for "the most challenging patients," according to Dr. Heath.



GEN recently spoke with him on current issues and future
trends regarding CAR T-cell therapeutics.
GEN: How does T-cell function play a role in strategizing
the development of CAR-T cell therapies?
Dr. Heath: Basically, you want to optimize the T-cell killing function. Whether CAR-T cells or any other T-cells, you
have a host of different functions that the cells can exhibit
in the form of secreted proteins. Any given cells can secrete
some 100 different functional proteins. Having a handle on
all those different functional proteins can provide a pretty
powerful feedback on CAR-T cell performance.
GEN: Are there existing challenges with the way
CAR-T cell products are being characterized for
potency or quality?
Dr. Heath: There are standard potency or functional assays,
such as interferon-gamma, that were used in some of the
early CAR-T cell work. I thought that they were incomplete.
As CAR-T cell therapies have emerged, there has been a

James Heath, PhD., President, Systems Biology, Seattle

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