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Non-Resp. Responder

Polyfunctional Strength Index


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The IsoSpeak software enables unique
single-cell cell readouts that capture
the most potent subsets of cytokine
producing cells, which capture the key
differences driving correlates. IsoSpeak's
end-to-end informatics and statistics
enables comparisons & answers from
one piece of software. Our visualization
workflow can take you from start to
finish to find the key differences in your
cell subsets:


 iew how the PSI, ie. polyfunctional
strength, can summarize key
polyfunctional and signal strength
data from the single cell subsets
that make a difference


 ive further into the data by
comparing multiple samples according
to their polyfunctional strength


 issect the sources of their
polyfunctional strength, with advanced
contribution graphics, PCA visualizations,
functional heat maps, and more.


Across IO therapies, from cell therapy to
combination therapy to autoimmune
and more, we are showing that IsoPlexis'
unique measure of function is correlating with clinical outcomes. n



Additional Content

IsoPlexis' series of industry firsts over
the past 8 years have created new
insights in single T-cell biology. Learn
how our data is empowering what's
next in your research area.

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