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with AI and/or machine learning workflows in

Potential Publications:

real-time, means that live-cell analysis could be

used to extract knowledge from assays, as well as


detecting trends. The ability to capture, monitor,


and analyze data without using predefined

1.	 Lodge, AP, et al. Performance of mouse neural stem cells as a
screening reagent: characterization of PAC1 activity in mediumthroughput functional assays. J. Biomol. Screen, 15;159-68 (2010)

parameters means that live-cell analysis could
become the gold standard approach for cuttingedge cellular models.

Monitoring Using Live Cell

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Imaging Ensuresthe Reliability

5.	 Schlachetzki, JC, et al. Studying neurodegenerative diseases in
culture models. Braz J Psychiatry, 35 Suppl 2;S92-100 (2013)

and Success of Cell Assays

6.	 Hong, W, et al. Diffusible, highly bioactive oligomers represent a
critical minority of soluble Aβ in Alzheimer's disease brain. Acta
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Ensuring assay quality with live-cell-imaging
and analysis offers scientists benefits at every
stage of their cell assay workflow. Continually
monitoring cell culture during the study
improves the understanding of cellular events,
while the ability to retrospectively assess images
enables scientists to make better informed
decisions. Having invested time and expense
into developing innovative assays, live-cell
monitoring ensures efficient use of resources,
which is further enhanced by its non-invasive and

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cell-sparing nature. Additionally, live-cell analysis

13.	 Gupta, N, et al. Microfluidics-based 3D cell culture models: Utility
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allows pre-treatment normalization of cells, which

14.	 Fang, Y, Eglen, RM. Three-Dimensional Cell Cultures in Drug
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further increases assay robustness and enables

15.	 Thoma, CR, et al. 3D cell culture systems modeling tumor growth
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accurate characterization of small changes.
Scientists need to be able to trust their data and
maximize their chance of success, while reducing
the risk of their studies failing-and live-cell
monitoring paves the way to achieve this.

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