Betty Crocker Recipe Calendar - 2019 - 1

Printing Instructions
To print the calendar, look to the immediate right of the calendar.You should see a vertical bar with several icons. Look for the
icon that looks like an abstract printer. Clicking on this icon brings up a print box where you can select the page range you wish
to print. Select the range, and then hit "ok." This will bring up the page setup for printing. Next, choose one of the following print
If you wish to print the Calendar as a hard copy, continue the page setup as you would normally. When you hit "ok" it will take you
to the final box, where you choose the printer and layout. After your selections are complete, hit "print."
If you wish to have the Nxtbook printed as a PDF, change the selection in the "Format For" drop down to Adobe PDF, then hit
"ok." In the next box, do not touch anything except for the button in the lower left corner that says "PDF." Click on that button
and choose "Save as PDF." You will have to fill out a title, and a destination, and then click save.


Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Betty Crocker Recipe Calendar - 2019