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The History of Food: What’s happening around us (and what tickles our taste buds) has transformed our eating choices over the past century. Take a peek at how we’ve been eating over the past 100 years.  1910s Old-world heritage vs. newly formed unity (aka melting pot) + World War I rationing Lasagna with American cheese 1920s Prohibition meets speakeasies; culinary experimentation with foreign foods after soldiers return from the war Soft drinks were gulped down like never before Betty Crocker Is Born. She is created to reply to cooking- and baking-related questions received from consumers. Pineapple upsidedown cake 1930s Cookbooks suggest shortcuts for cooking, economical recipes and direction for wives to “powder their noses“ before serving the meal How Much? A quart of milk cost 14¢ 1940s Protein-stretching meals, rationing and substitutions Mock Apple Pie (crackers replace apples) Eggless cakes, sugarless cookies 1950s Fill-you-up meals from prepackaged foods and renewed interest in foreign cuisines from returning GIs Betty Crocker’s first Picture Cook Book introduced 1960s Showy French food, soul food and anything you can light on fire Jacqueline Kennedyish Betty Crocker circa 1965 Chop suey with ground beef How Much? A loaf of bread cost 3¢ Meatless meals and casseroles to make meat go farther Backyard Symbol of American Status The Grill Fondue, steak Diane and bananas Foster 1936: First official portrait of Betty Crocker is released. A Sign of the Times Tea sandwiches, chafing-dish recipes Themed dinners popular for entertaining 1955: Betty Crocker or June Cleaver? Cocktails All the Rage Martini, old fashioned, Manhattan, etc. 2 Betty Crocker All-Time Best Recipes

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All-Time Best Recipes 21.5
The History of Food: 100 Years of Great Eating
Blast from the Past Party
Retro & New Twist Appetizers
Appetizers & Snacks
Salads & Sandwiches
Weeknight Main Dishes
Cakes, Pies & Cheesecakes
Cookies, Bars & Brownies

All-Time Best Recipes 21.5