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introduction letter from the editor ExEcuTivE EdiToR Sheila Burke EdiToR Diane Carlson SEnioR Food EdiToRS Andrea Bidwell, C.C.P . Grace Wells REcipE dEvElopMEnT and TESTing Betty Crocker Kitchens pRoducTion ManagER Christine Gray phoTogRaphy and Food STyling General Mills Photography Studios dESign and pRoducTion Greenspring Media Group ciRculaTion Bisquick® mix was introduced in 1931 as a biscuit mix. Shortly after its creation however, Betty crocker home economists discovered it could be used in a wide variety of baking products and the advertising slogan became “a Whole World of Baking…in a Box!” More than 75 years later, our recipe developers continue to come up with tasty and creative ways to use Bisquick mix. you’ve probably heard of—and eaten—pancakes and waffles made with Bisquick mix, but wait until you try a warm plate of Banana Split pancakes (p. 16) or dreamy orange Waffles (p. 17). and before you think Bisquick mix is only for breakfast, enjoy a bite of light lemon-Sesame chicken (p. 35) or Barbecue pork chops (p. 42). country Fried Steaks (p. 51) and lasagna-Style casserole (p. 49) are just two delicious dishes your family will eat up. no Bisquick cookbook would be complete without a chapter on impossibly Easy pies; we’ve included 10 of our favorites. last, but certainly not least, is a chapter on sweets. From cobblers and crisps to bars and cookies, there’s just no end to the versatility of Bisquick. Mary Tzimokas & Associates Betty Crocker Most Requested RecipesTM Bisquick® is published by General Mills, Inc., Number One General Mills Boulevard, Minneapolis, MN 554261348. The trademarks referred to herein are trademarks of General Mills, Inc. ©2006 by General Mills, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction of any part without written permission of the publisher is prohibited. Printed in the U.S.A. p. 86 Editor’s picks 86 Upside-Down Cherry-Pear Cake » This is so-o-o-o good. I like to serve it with a big scoop of French vanilla ice cream. p. 88 88 Danish AppleAlmond Cake Tastes like a pastry-shop coffee cake! It was a big hit at a neighborhood brunch. Betty Crocker Most Requested RecipesTM 

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