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turn box tops into ca$h you’ve collected all these box tops…now let’s turn them into cash for your school! submission how-to’s, easy as 1, 2, 3! Carefully collect your Box Tops, check expiration dates and separate out your bonus certificates. Then bundle everything into groups of 50. There’s no need to remove Box Tops from completed collection sheets – just send them in as-is. SEND yOUR BOx TOPS TO gENErAl MIllS Box toPS For EDuCAtIoN: VIA uSPS P.O. Box 2185 young America, MN 55553-2185 VIA uPS, FEDEx or othEr CArrIErS 717 Faxon Rd., (Dept. 2185), young America, MN 55397-9481 Complete the online submission form at We’ll even do the math for you. Then you can track your submission status anytime. Send us all your Box Tops! Print off your completed form and include it with your submission. 9

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Box Tops for Education 2012
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Box Tops for Education 2012 - Giant Eagle