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casserole know-how Great Casseroles general casserole tips • Choose glass or ceramic baking dishes instead of metal if a recipe includes acidic ingredients; otherwise, the chemical reaction between the metal and acid can impart an “off” taste to the recipe. • Bath towels are great for keeping casseroles warm while transporting them. • Some casseroles improve in flavor and texture if allowed to stand five to ten minutes before serving. p. 14 Easy Steps to successful freezing • Cool foods before packing for the freezer. • Freeze casseroles baked or unbaked. • Label casseroles with recipe name, preparation date and cooking instructions. • Add any crisp toppings after thawing, since they will get soggy during freezing. • Recipes made with a low-fat sauce, condensed-soup or tomato base usually freeze well. • Store casseroles in the freezer for up to 3 months. p. 48 casserole giving • Package casseroles for giving in disposable containers so the recipient does not need to return the baking dish. • Label the casserole with the recipe name and reheating instructions. • Round out the meal with simple side dishes such as bagged salad and bottled dressing, fruit, bread, cookies or bars. p. 66 p. XX  Pillsbury Casseroles and Slow Cookers

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