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introduction letter from the editor publisheR Sheila Burke ediToR Heidi Losleben senioR Food ediToRs Andrea Bidwell, C.C.P . Grace Wells Recipe developMenT and TesTing Betty Crocker Kitchens pRoducTion ManageR Christine Gray phoTogRaphy and Food sTyling General Mills Photography Studios design and pRoducTion Greenspring Media Group ciRculaTion our latest collection of Most Requested Recipes® is brimming with sweet treats, from mouthwatering brownies and bars to showstopping cakes, cookies and all kinds of other desserts. Try broadening your brownie horizons with blond brownies with brown sugar Frosting (p. 12) or candy bar brownies (p. 9). in the mood to make bars? salted peanut chews (p. 17), caramel apple-nut bars (p. 22) and lemon squares (p. 23) are three tantalizing options. Maybe you’re more of a cake and cupcake person. if so, consider cheery cherry cake (p. 41) or cute ball game cupcakes (p. 55). should you choose to whip up a batch of chocolate-Mint Thumbprints (p. 72) or Malted Madness cookies (p. 73), your kids won’t be the only ones caught with their hand in the cookie jar. our last chapter, “other desserts,” is a catch-all category for everything from banana cream pie-in-a-bowl (p. 81) to cashew brittle (p. 92). ernestine ulmer, an american writer, coined the phrase, “life is uncertain; eat dessert first.” We couldn’t agree more. Mary Tzimokas & Associates Betty Crocker Most Requested RecipesTM Cookies, Bars and Cakes is published by General Mills, Inc., Number One General Mills Boulevard, Minneapolis, MN 55426-1348. The trademarks referred to herein are trademarks of General Mills, Inc. ©2007 by General Mills, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction of any part without written permission of the publisher is prohibited. Printed in the U.S.A. p. 35 in this issue » 4 Irresistible Plate Appeal 94 Nutrition and Recipe Testing Guidelines 95 Index p. 79 Look for these symbols Quick = Ready in 30 minutes or less Low Fat = 3g or less, except main dishes with 10g or less Quick Low Fat Betty Crocker Most Requested RecipesTM 

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Cookies, Bars & Cakes
Letter from the Editor
Irresistible Plate Appeal
Brownies & Bars
Other Desserts
Nutrition and Recipe Testing Guidelines

Cookies, Bars & Cakes