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irresistible plate appeal Irresistible Plate Appeal Dress up desserts by decorating your plates with fun, edible designs. With a little knowhow, a simple sauce can become a paintbrush for creating impressive dessert plates similar to those you see in restaurants. So what are you waiting for? Step up to the plate! Design Basics » Plain plates will show off your design best. Light-colored plates accent darker sauces, such as chocolate; darker plates highlight pale-colored sauces. » A plastic squeeze bottle—the kind typically used for mustard or ketchup—comes in handy when dispensing the sauce. It provides even control and flow. » Sauce consistency is important so your design holds its shape. A sauce should be thin enough so you can easily draw a knife or toothpick through it. To test, spoon the sauce onto a plate; it should stand up and not spread. » Use contrasting colors and flavors within the design to create interest. » Be sure the design is prominent around the edge of the plate where it will be seen once the dessert is placed in the center. 4 Betty Crocker Cookies, Bars and Cakes

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Cookies, Bars & Cakes
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Cookies, Bars & Cakes