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cookie exchange 101 Cookie Exchange 101 Hosting a cookie exchange is a wonderful way to get into the holiday spirit, spend time with friends and family, and wind up with a variety of cookies at the same time (talk about multi-tasking!). Follow this step-by-step guide to hosting a cookie exchange and let the cookie baking begin! Peppermint Tea Cakes, p. 12 Ethel’s Sugar Cookies, p. 10 How to Host a Cookie Exchange » Pick a date. Weekends book up fast during the » E-mail invites are quick and efficient but if you holidays so consider a weeknight or Sunday afternoon. Send the invitations a month before the exchange to give your guests plenty of notice. » Invite up to 15 people so you ultimately have a total of about 12 participants, including yourself. Chances are not everyone will be able to attend and padding the invite list will help ensure your exchange is well-attended. can find the time a handmade invitation— mailed or hand-delivered—will make the event all the more special. A fun invitation also helps create excitement for the exchange and can serve as a keepsake. » Assign each guest a recipe. This prevents duplicates and ensures that everyone will end up with a wide variety of cookies (you may love Toffee Bars, but do you really want six dozen?). Send a copy of the recipe along with the invitation.  Betty Crocker Holiday Cookies

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Holiday Cookies 2007
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Betty Crocker Holiday Cookies 2007