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great for gift giving for giving great gifts e “Where did you ever find that?” Clever shoppers find unique plates, saucers, cups, silverware, doilies, napkins, containers, themed merchandise and collectibles by leaving department stores behind. Instead, check garage sales and flea markets throughout the year. Clearance, dollar and discount stores are packed with inexpensive hidden treasures, and antique and consignment stores will tempt you with unique, one-of-a-kind gifts. The best part? Never having to step foot into a crowded mall! ‘ TIS THE SEASON the clever shopper e e When it comes to packaging gifts, try thinking outside the box—literally. These creative containers add interest to any gift: • Farmers’ Market and grocery store berry baskets (plastic or cardboard) • Decorative cardboard boxes • Take-out food containers (unused, obviously) • Plastic or glass jars (jelly jars are often quite inexpensive if you buy them by the dozen) • Transparent cellophane or plastic bags • Cups and saucers or large goblets • Serving plates and platters • Small trays and baskets pack it and wrap it To make sure your gifts arrive shipshape, here are some pointers: • Wrap cookies in pairs, back to back. Brownies and bars are best uncut; just wrap the whole rectangle or square in plastic wrap. • Sturdy metal cans, rigid plastic containers and firm-sided cardboard boxes are excellent choices. Before adding treats, line the container with waxed paper, plastic wrap or aluminum foil. • Fill each container until almost full, allowing space at the top to cushion with crumpled waxed paper, paper towels or packing peanuts to prevent shaking and breakage. Put top on container. • Pack filled containers in a corrugated cardboard or fiberboard packing box. Cushion with bubble wrap, crumpled newspaper, shredded paper, plain popped popcorn or packing peanuts. Start by placing several inches of fill in the bottom of the packing box; add more between items so the containers won’t get jostled during shipping. • Seal the box with clear shipping tape, and cover the address label with tape for added protection. If applicable, have the post office or shipper label the box, “This side up” or “Fragile” to encourage careful handling. Betty Crocker Most Requested RecipesTM 67 send them packing When it comes to topping your package, ribbons and bows are pretty but they aren’t your only option. Try adorning your gift with items that go with the gift, such as unique silverware, pie servers, spreaders, ladles, nested measuring cups, measuring spoons, candy thermometer, cookie cutters or recipe cards.

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Betty Crocker Holiday Cookies 2007