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casserole know-how Casserole Know-How One Size Does Not Fit All Strictly speaking, “casserole” usually refers to a dish that is deep, round, ovenproof and has a lid. A “baking dish,” is also ovenproof, but is usually shallow and can be topped with foil when a covering is needed. Most recipes in this magazine call for one of these standard-size dishes: 8x8-inCH Square 12x8-inCH OblOng 13x9-inCH OblOng 2-quart 2-quart 3-quart p. 52 The capacity is sometimes stamped or printed on the bottom of the dish. If you’re not sure, measure how much water it takes to fill the casserole to the brim. You’ll have the best results with the size specified in the recipe. If you must substitute, choose a dish slightly larger than the one specified. The cooking time may change slightly. » Freeze It! in addition to being convenient, many one-dish dinners have another bonus: You can make them ahead of time and freeze to eat later. For the best results, follow these general rules: • Casseroles made with a lowfat sauce, condensed soup or tomato base usually freeze well; dishes that contain potatoes should not be frozen. • Add toppings like nuts, bread crumbs and crackers after the dish is thawed so they stay crunchy or crisp. • For recipes with sour cream, add it after thawing and reheating the dish to prevent curdling. • You can freeze casseroles baked or unbaked. • Cook meats, vegetables and grains just until tender to avoid overcooking during reheating. • Cool foods before packaging or freezing. • Label packages with the date, name of the dish and reheating instructions. • Use airtight containers that are suitable for the microwave or oven reheating. • Frozen dishes will need additional baking time. Check your dish during baking and adjust the time accordingly. • Store frozen meals at 0ºF or colder for up to three months.  Pillsbury Holiday

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