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get garnished GeT GArniShed Adding garnishes to soups and stews is a simple way to add color, texture, flavor and, of course, eye appeal. As a rule, the stronger or more varied the flavors or textures in a soup or stew, the simpler the garnish should be so it won’t compete with the soup. If you don’t know where to start, consider using an ingredient in the soup or stew, such as an herb or vegetable. Top with… Veggies Arrange on top… bagel chips bell pepper cutouts* chopped crystallized ginger edible flowers (citrus blossoms, marigolds, nasturtiums, pansies, petunias) fresh herbs (cilantro, dill weed, fennel, parsley, rosemary) lemon or lime peel strips lime wedges or slices piped mashed potatoes** cooked tiny or small whole shrimp *How to make bell pepper cutouts. Cut bell pepper into fourths, and remove seeds. Using a small sharp knife or small canapé cutter, cut desired shapes from pepper. **How to pipe mashed potatoes. Place mashed potatoes in decorating bag with large star tip. Gently squeeze to form rosettes or to pipe a border around the edge of a soup or stew. chopped avocado chopped bell pepper chopped broccoli chopped tomato sliced cucumber sliced green onion sliced mushrooms Nuts or seeds cashews pine nuts popcorn sliced or slivered almonds sunflower nuts toasted sesame seed Fruit sliced apple sliced mango sliced pear somethiNg salty crumbled cooked bacon crumbled feta or blue cheese crushed corn or tortilla chips pretzels shredded cheese Swirl in or dollop with… guacamole pesto salsa sour cream or yogurt Betty Crocker Most Requested RecipesTM 

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Soups, Stews & Chilies