Grand Magazine - July/August 2008 - (Page Cover1)

GRAND the magazine for grandparents TEENAGERS ! How We Can Give for “I’m bored…” What They Really Need Unforgettable Presents for the New G’baby WhAT’S IN ThE CookIE JAR ? Why We’re Responsible for our G’kids Lifelong health “Thanks for the ugly gift” Plus: 2008 GRANDparent of the Year – details inside grandmagazine.Com JULY–aUgUst 2008 $3.95 Us • $3.95 Canada Do We Teach Them to Lie? PETER YARROW “Puff, the Magic Dragon” Meets a new generation grandfather http://grandmagazine.Com

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Grand Magazine - July/August 2008

Grand Magazine - July/August 2008
Grand View: Love Is All That's Left
Isn't It Grand?: Reassessing the Postponed Life
Grand Central
Just So We Know: One Mixed-Up Lemon
Long-Distance Love: Cuttings
Ask Grand: Stuck on Stuff
Grand Gestures: "Thanks for the Ugly Gift"
Tips on Teens: All That Doesn't Meet the Eye
Live Long and Propser
On the Cover: Peter Yarrow
Presents of Mine
Thicker Than Water?
Reunions: White Water, White Knuckles
The Grand Gourmet
So We Are Not Alone
Looking Grand: Suit-Able
Grandbloggers: Why Watch TV When We Can Talk?
Grand Bazaar
Grand Finale: What Boat

Grand Magazine - July/August 2008