GRAND Magazine - September/October 2008 - (Page Cover1)

GRAND the magazine for grandparents grand magazine n o r a r o B e r t s : s e p t e m B e r- o C to B e r 2 0 0 8 w w w. g r a n d m ag a z i n e. Co m Home for Dinner Sibling rivalry How supper at 6 combats obesity, drugs & depression g’kids constantly squabbling? We can help! Special Section: 2008 Winner! granDparent of the year grandmagazine.Com septemBer-oCtoBer 2008 $3.95 Us • $3.95 Canada * grandmother * grand-proofing the house * How safe are sippy cups? Heirloom gifts to make now! + Plus NORA ROBERTS A romAnce writer’s reAl loves: fAmily, grAndchildren, community http://www.grandmagazine.Com

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of GRAND Magazine - September/October 2008

Grand Magazine- September/October 2008
Grand View:Priceless
Isn't it Grand?: Picture Perfect
Winners!: GRANDparent of the Year
Grand Central
Toddler Town:Grand-proofing
Ask Grand:Two Tired
Tips on Teens: The Bar Mitzvah Trips
Just So We Know:BPA Not Our BFF
Full House-Full Heart-Full Time:Confessions of a Backyard Grand
Grandbloggers: It Takes a Village
Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?
Family Food = Fun
On the Cover: Nora Roberts A Fine Romance
Everything Was Fine Until You Showed Up
Happy Big Sister Day
Looking Grand:Elementary, My Dear
All in the Family:Pasta, Present and Future
Inspirations:Grandpa's Violin
Grand Bazaar
More to the Story
Grand Finale:Long Ago Under the Sun

GRAND Magazine - September/October 2008