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tips & hints GRAND CENTRAL + share & show + comments & conversation + links & legacies + wise whys & wherefores CRisp piCks: EDitoR’s ChoiCE Heirloom season If we start now, we’ve got plenty of time to create meaningful, cherished gifts for our grandchildren’s holidays—remember, money is what we spend instead of time. • Family food: Assemble a historical cookbook of the family’s favorite recipes from the great- greats down to you. Add photographs, other mementos…in scrapbook form or as a computergenerated book. skirts—you will never wear again. Wash, iron, repair and assemble in a lively decorated cardboard box, or go uptown with an antique trunk. Autumn may be too late for the soft-shell crab special at the Bonefish Grill (www., but according to Helaine Shilling, GRAND’s Mid-Atlantic Contributing Editor, there’s plenty of other (fresh) fish in the sea. Helaine says that the evening she, her husband and two friends spent at the East Brunswick, New Jersey, site was “Phenomenal. The food was delicious; the fish was so fresh! I had mahi mahi with macadamia nuts, Stuart had the soft-shell crab, and a friend ordered the grouper. Everything delicious. The place doesn’t compare with other chains; the atmosphere is so upscale, the service impeccable. And the prices were reasonable.” So, Helaine, did you take the grandchildren? (She has five.) “Are you kidding? We felt like we were on a date.” • Costume closet: Search for dress-up items—from old belts and ties to blouses and shirts and • personal pottery: Custom-design ceramic bowls, mugs, dinner plates for your grandchildren. Local “do it yourself” pottery places have all the supplies; allow at least 10 days for glazing and firing. • home videos: Children love heroic or funny stories about what their mothers and fathers did as children. Do it cutting-edge—use an inexpensive SoundMAX Superbeam voice-over microphone and add your voice to a slideshow of photographs. • hand-me ups: Pass along your costume jewelry (or, to an older granddaughter, a gem of value) in an elegant box. If there’s a story that goes with it (this is your great-great-aunt Ida’s engagement ring), include it as a card with narrative and photo. duplicates, extras; maybe throw in a new pole or a fancy hammer. • Just like Grand’s: Fix up a tackle or tool box and fill it with • two 1980s pennies, one red rubber band: Give them an IOU gift of a scavenger-hunt party. Print out the lists on the computer or write them in calligraphy on parchment (or old paper bags!) • Giving giving: Find charity walks or tournaments or any participatory fundraiser that you and your grandchild can do together. Sign up for both of you; wrap the announcement in an event T-shirt! —Susan Newman, San Francisco, California Gwen, KY Alexis, NM Andrew, NY Tee Tee, GA Abigail & Andrew, TN Ella & Paige, NH SEPTEMBER OCTOBER 2008 GRAND 17

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Grand Magazine- September/October 2008
Grand View:Priceless
Isn't it Grand?: Picture Perfect
Winners!: GRANDparent of the Year
Grand Central
Toddler Town:Grand-proofing
Ask Grand:Two Tired
Tips on Teens: The Bar Mitzvah Trips
Just So We Know:BPA Not Our BFF
Full House-Full Heart-Full Time:Confessions of a Backyard Grand
Grandbloggers: It Takes a Village
Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?
Family Food = Fun
On the Cover: Nora Roberts A Fine Romance
Everything Was Fine Until You Showed Up
Happy Big Sister Day
Looking Grand:Elementary, My Dear
All in the Family:Pasta, Present and Future
Inspirations:Grandpa's Violin
Grand Bazaar
More to the Story
Grand Finale:Long Ago Under the Sun

GRAND Magazine - September/October 2008