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grand view Priceless help! I can’t seem to make enough time for my grandkids. Christine Crosby with grandchildren Madeline, Jacob and Shantell; and great-granddaughter leah (Shantell’s daughter) W ho knew I’d be 62 but feel lIke 42, with three beautiful Christine Crosby Founder/Publisher 2 GRAND SEPTEMBER OCTOBER 2008 hardage fine Arts Photography grandkids, one great-grandchild and a very full business and personal life? I’ve juggled my family and career for many years; but somehow, I didn’t think that when I was a grand, I’d have the same balancing act to perform—but I do. From what I see and hear, I’m not alone in the challenge to have enough time to enjoy my grandkids. If you’re balancing your busy life and manage to spend quality time with your grandkids, I’d love to hear from you. Please e-mail me at and tell me about your grandparenting challenges and solutions. This week, I took lots of time to be with my grandkids, Maddie (8) and Jacob (5). Their parents were in San Francisco celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary, so I had them right here with me at GRAND Central while I took calls, answered e-mails, conducted meetings and so much more! My husband called it “market research”; I called it delicious! To help involve the children, I offered Jacob the opportunity to earn a quarter by opening the mail. After a few minutes of total quiet, from behind me I heard his little voice say, “This mail is killing me!” I thought I was going to die, it was so funny. What’s that MasterCard saying? Ah yes…“Priceless!” That’s my favorite new adjective for time with the grandkids. It’s absolutely priceless! If you have a priceless quote about your grandkids, please visit us at and share it. GRAND goes green and global! We took a giant step up into the electronic generation with the introduction of E-GRAND, our digital edition of the print magazine. Now grandparents around the world can enjoy a “green read” and have instant access to GRAND magazine. With E-GRAND you can download the entire issue; save, print out or e-mail articles to friends and family; and go direct to all the live editorial and advertising links! All print subscribers will automatically get E-GRAND. The 2008 GRANDparent of the Year Award goes to an amazing person; read all about her starting on page 11. This year we created a special GRANDkid category because we received so many nominations from grandkids. You can read all these amazing nominations on A grand thank you goes to the wonderful sponsors, Humana, Beaches Resort, Mattel and KidsPeace, for making this salute to special grandparents possible. Last, but not least, GRAND celebrates its fourth year with this issue, and we want to thank you, dear readers and advertisers, for making this magazine, E-GRAND and possible. With my best wishes to you and your families,

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Grand Magazine- September/October 2008
Grand View:Priceless
Isn't it Grand?: Picture Perfect
Winners!: GRANDparent of the Year
Grand Central
Toddler Town:Grand-proofing
Ask Grand:Two Tired
Tips on Teens: The Bar Mitzvah Trips
Just So We Know:BPA Not Our BFF
Full House-Full Heart-Full Time:Confessions of a Backyard Grand
Grandbloggers: It Takes a Village
Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?
Family Food = Fun
On the Cover: Nora Roberts A Fine Romance
Everything Was Fine Until You Showed Up
Happy Big Sister Day
Looking Grand:Elementary, My Dear
All in the Family:Pasta, Present and Future
Inspirations:Grandpa's Violin
Grand Bazaar
More to the Story
Grand Finale:Long Ago Under the Sun

GRAND Magazine - September/October 2008