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grand central Children and spirit KidSpirit,, a new magazine for and by children ages 11-15, has an all-youth editorial board. The magazine’s objective is to help children explore their spiritual nature. Each magazine has a central theme and asks a “Big Question,” such as What is Spirit? KidSpirit incorporates ideas from many cultures and is advertising free. (continued from pg. 12) Big Hill? No Problem Power when you need it. This finely crafted adult electric tricycle provides added stability for big hills and long distances. The best bike on the market - fun, economical, and environmentally friendly. All with an extraordinary factory warranty and an unbeatable price Just $1,299! Order within 30 days and save $100! “I went to visit my daughter and her husband and three little girls in their new home. I said, ‘This apartment is charming!’ and my daughter gave me The Look. Later, she whispered, ‘Don’t call it an apartment. The girls are feeling bad because we lost the house.’” “Here’s a prediction: The dollar may shrink, but dolls will get bigger. Reason: We’ll be making our granddaughters’ doll clothes, and our fingers and our skills aren’t swift enough for itsy-bitsy Barbie outfits.” If you’re a member of GRANDWorld, and you’d like to be part of our roundtable panel, e-mail the editor at w w w. R ew a r d s O f H o m e . c o m 14 GRAND JANUARY 2009 TomMann0.25V_GRAND_AD_v3.indd 1 Whitney, NH Sienna, CO Sierra, WY 6/12/08 8:44:00 AM

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of GRAND Magazine - January 2009

GRANDMagazine - January 2009
Grand View
Isn't it Grand?
Grand Central
Tips on Teens
Grand Gestures
Toddler Town
Help! My Grandson's Being Raised Vegan!
Cover Story: Casualties
Leader of the Pack
Together Time
Grand Finale

GRAND Magazine - January 2009