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tips & hints GRAND CENTRAL + share & show + comments & conversation + links & legacies + wise whys & wherefores CRisp piCks: EDitoR’s ChoiCE What’s on my desk? A big canister of California raisins. One cup a day decreases “bad” (LDL) cholesterol; only 1/4 cup counts as one serving of fruit. I’m not sure how to measure a fistful, which is what I’m stuffing into my mouth all afternoon as a treat—and as a source of fiber, potassium and antioxidants. To be more scientific about it all, check out “Raisins and walking alter appetite hormones…” . Wings of Spring If the March wind is still blowing when the April showers clear…we can go fly a kite. (Pictured, Blue Butterfly from New Tech Kites . • Got adolescent (and older) g’kids who think kites are for babies and dorks? Tell them to check out the traction kites from Go Fly a Kite  and pay close attention to the comment “…generates an enormous amount of pull, making it ideal for all of the newest extreme sports, such as kite boarding and buggy racing…” Wusssport…not. • Not sure of what to choose for the middle-school crowd? Fat Brain Toys  has kites divided into tidy categories, by age and interests (our faves: Ghost Ship and the Slasher 7’). The And this nana can’t resist Dapperlads’  “Indiana Jones”-style 100% wool felt chocolate brown fedora with satin band and feather ($33.95) for ages 4-7. Can I get a discount on two? • Heavy stuff: KiteModeler  on the NASA site is software with which you and the grandchildren can study the physics and math of the flight of a kite. Browse the whole site for left-brain nirvana: NASA is deep into kite fever. • For the young reader: The Emperor and the Kite by Jane Yolen (“The beauty of the language and image are…finely meshed…in this tale of loyalty and love”—UPI), and the activities on the author’s Web site  will keep enthusiasm raging until the rain stops. • For older teens and adults, The Kite Runner  (the movie) is provocative, educational and disturbing. Soar. Braddock, IL Cade, LA Connor, Jake, Mason & Caleb, CA Emma, NY Ethan, OR Hannah, TX APRIL Click and connect to more resources instantly where you see this symbol:  2009 GRAND 13

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GRAND Magazine - April 2009
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GRAND Magazine - April 2009