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“As someone who lists pinot grigio as a hobby, I was seriously concerned about my grandfather joining Facebook.” —Beth DeFalco, writing for the Associated Press In California, a g’kid scam The Los Altos Town Crier reported in March  that “older residents” were being scammed by callers who imitated a grandchild in distress. “Longtime Los Altos resident Barbara Tierney said she received a phone call this month from a young man who sounded like one of her grandsons. The caller claimed that he had been arrested and needed money for bail, begging Tierney to help him and not tell his parents. The man on the phone had her wire money to Canada, where he said he was being held. She sent a total of $8,000 before a phone call to her banker brought her up short. “[The banker] said, ‘Barbara, that doesn’t sound right. That’s not legal.’ I said, ‘I don’t want him stuck there. I want him home soon.’ [The banker] said, ‘…don’t send the money.’ “Tierney called her son and learned that the grandson, far from being in Canada, was at the library studying…in California. When she stopped sending money, the scammers—who often work in teams—became persistent, calling her with escalating demands.….Another Los Altos [grandfather], bilked of $6,000, thinks his personal information may have been gleaned from family obituary information [that had appeared] in several local papers.” EDITOR’s pODcasT WhaT DO YOu cOllEcT? As we have learned from our grandchildren, language is an land of never-ending explorations and revelations; the delights are theirs— the lessons are ours. clIck On sOunD buTTOn TO plaY Nico, CA Samantha, KY William, UT Zoe, VT Click and connect to more resources instantly where you see this symbol: 

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GRAND Magazine - April 2009