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be misfits ? By Wendy IrvIne hey ill t W H omescHooling . The term and practice, Homeschooled grandchildren: calming your worst fears once reserved for families who lived in isolated locations or for parents believing that their values weren’t represented in school, is increasingly being invaded by curious middleand upper-middle-class mainstream families who are breathing a sigh of relief to find an option to the traditional school system . Today’s homeschoolers choose the road less traveled for many reasons, including worries about school safety, finding the current culture’s early sex and drugs not to their liking, or annoyance with the schools’ tendency to “teach to the test” versus a more immersed learning experience. And some are just seeking a closer family experience they say can’t be found when kids are in school six and a half hours a day plus commute time . Grandparents, however, may not be exactly sold—to put it mildly . “I wasn’t happy at first. I told Carolyn I didn’t think it would be a good idea,” says Lillian Look, recalling her conversation when her daughter-in-law, Carolyn, announced plans to homeschool her children. 36 GRAND APRIL 2009

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GRAND Magazine - April 2009
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GRAND Magazine - April 2009