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grand view Christine Crosby with grandchildren Madeline, Jacob and Shantell; and great-granddaughter Leah gRAND media CHRISTINE A. CROSBY Founder/Publisher JONATHAN B. MICOCCI President JOHN MILLER Brand Director BRUCE BENNER Director of Strategic Development It’s all good e’re full of enthusiasm this year for the Sexiest Grand award. For years, we’ve searched for the sexiest celebrity grand—and we’ve had some good ones: Harrison Ford, Naomi Judd, Tony Danza!—but this year, we’ve decided to both narrow down the competition—to granddads only—and throw it wide open to the Sexiest Granddad, famous or not! The instructions on how to enter the sexy granddad in your life in this year’s competition are on pages 8-9. And what do we mean by “sexy”? Healthy and fit. Compassionate. A sense of humor and perspective on life. Involvement with his family, including, of course, his grandkids. The involvement of you, our readers and our friends, in this competition is only the beginning of a new relationship with you in this exciting world of online magazines. In the May issue we’re publishing an article by contributing editor Debbie Baisden, who lives in “Deep East Texas,” about how she and her grandchildren play Nintendo’s Wii games together. Our editor was so intrigued by this recent phenomenon (the playing field is so level that a 5-year-old can beat you at bowling!), she’s asking for everyone who plays Wii with their g’kids to send in photos and short stories. Will there be a prize? Stay tuned! But wait, there’s more: We’re also looking for before-and-after photos from grands who went to Woodstock (July 1969)—along with what you are, and aren’t, telling your g’kids about the experience. So much fun, so much to celebrate, so many memories to share while all the time making new ones. As the kids say, “It’s all good.” JACK LEVINE Director of GRANDpartners for GRANDparents ROBIN RIDDELL Director of Special Events ADVERTISING INFORMATION 866-327-9039 or ADVERTISING SAlES Kathy Carreira Anne Palmer MARKETPlACE ADVERTISING Anne Palmer 866-327-9039 NONPROFIT FuNDRAISING PROGRAM Robin Riddell, Director JODI NIzIN LOgAN E-Marketing and GRAND Newsletter DANIEL TROTTER Associate Webmaster JONATHAN MICOCCI Circulation Coordinator BRETT FADELEY Chief Financial Officer MARK COLEMAN, CPA Controller FOLEY & LARDNER, LLP legal NXTBOOK MEDIA, LLC Digital Media CENTELLA COMMUNICATIONS Internet Technology BOARD OF ADVISORS Richard J. Anthony, Sr., The Solutions Network; Marti Barletta, The Trendsight group; Dr. Lillian Carson, Author; Brigitte Castellano, National Committee of grandparents for Children’s Rights; Lawrence Chimerine, Ph.D., Radnor International Consulting; Ken Dychtwald, Ph.D., Age Wave; Brent Elrod; James J. Gilmartin, Coming of Age, Inc.; Brent Green, Brent green & Associates; Leslie M. Harris, Ph.D., Mature Marketing Research, LLC; Tom Mann, TR Mann Consulting; Andrew M. Nibley, Marsteller; Chuck Nyren, Nyren Agency; Ilene Rapkin, I Openers Holding Company, LLC; Anne Strozier, Ph.D., Florida Kinship Center. University of South Florida; Matt Thornhill, Boomer Project; Gerard Wallace, Albany Law School; David Wolfe, Wolfe Resources; KathrynJUNE 2008 GRAND 4 MAY and Allan Zullo, Authors W Christine Crosby, Publisher 4 GRAND APRIL 2009

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GRAND Magazine - April 2009
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GRAND Magazine - April 2009