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A numbers game By Ruth NathaN Math literacy begins at home T here’s a wonderful song by dan Zanes, “Jump Up” . In the lyrics, day is breaking and Dan urges the kids to jump up and dance around, to get “shaking.” My grandsons and I love the song—it’s so positive and a lot of fun to sing. That’s why when I saw Shape Up!, a book about triangles and other polygons by David Adler , I couldn’t resist. It had to be fun, didn’t it? But then I wondered, Could math really be that much fun? What is a polygon? It’s a flat shape with all straight sides (Now that’s what I call a square meal!) With two slices of American cheese, a toothpick, pretzel sticks, plain paper, graph paper, a pencil, a plastic knife and a slice of bread you can learn more about them. You can also eat it if you get hungry. (see pg. 14 ) Sound fun? It is; my grandsons and I read sections of Shape Up! over and over again. I feel good because I know I’m providing them with some great beginnings for the mathematical challenges around the corner. And, challenges there will be. The new math standards for pre-K through grade 12 from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics  are rigorous. And, according to the NCTM, research shows that there are big differences between children who come to school with some math sense and those 26 GRAND MAY 2009

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GRAND Magazine - May 2009