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reunions Family crews “ Happy houseboating for three generations G randma, tHis is sweet!” exclaimed 9-year- By Sandra Scott old Jenna upon entering our 70-foot Forever Houseboat . Jenna’s enthusiasm set the tone as the geographically dispersed Scott family gathered to celebrate New Year’s 2009—and set sail. Jenna and her 7-year-old brother, JJ, checked out the four bedrooms and entered into a debate over who was going to sleep in which bedroom— at which point I, the matriarch, stepped in. “Go check the sign on the door. What does it say?” “Sandra Scott, Captain, and Crew.” “Right. And who is in charge of a boat? “The captain.” “Correct! And who has to obey all the captain’s orders?” “The crew.” “And who is the crew?” “We are. Does that mean Dad, Mom and Uncle Jim also have to obey the captain?” “Of course.” “Grandma, are you going to drive this houseboat?” asked JJ incredulously. Good question, I thought. “We’ll see. The beauty of being the captain is delegation.” Many hands make light work. I was glad we decided to take the option of boarding the night before we set sail. Unpacked and dinner over, we all watched the instructional CD and felt confident, prepared to set sail in the morning. On New Year’s Eve morning, after a hearty breakfast that included a family tradition of fried dough covered in cinnamon sugar that my grandmother used to make, Mark, the marina man, gave us an orientation tour and piloted us out to the Colorado River. Our son, John, took over the helm; his son, JJ, was impressed. “Daddy, you know how to drive the houseboat?” Mark had assured us, “If you can drive a car, you can drive a houseboat.” Our car, however, not 70 feet long nor 22 feet high, is not affected by the wind. We headed north on the river toward Hoover Dam. The sun gave brilliant color to the rocky landscape sliced between the robin’s-egg blue of the desert sky and the blue-black of the water. At Owl Point Cove we found a perfect place to moor. The guys tied off the boat to stakes pounded 38 GRAND MAY 2009

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GRAND Magazine - May 2009
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GRAND Magazine - May 2009