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contents May 2009 24 20 38 In every issue 4 an invitation Grand View Let’s keep talking! By Christine Crosby 20 on the Cover: By Kimberly Ripley watching lilly Bloom Grandparenting a Down syndrome child is a journey in fierce loving. 34 Face-to-Facebook By Norene Kelly Get on! It may be the number-one way to connect with your g’teens. 3 Grand Central 1 23 GrandZ in the ’Hood By Al Martinez 36 sHMilY Grand on a mission, the best grilled cheese sandwich, alternatives to video games, and “The Mean Grandma.” A South Central L.A. grandmother is fed “up to here” with gang violence. Move those texting fingers— staves off arthritis and surprises the g’kids. 43 resourCes By Sally Wendkos Olds 46 Grand Finale By Stephen Foster Mouse Brown Hair 26 numbers Game By Ruth Nathan 38 Family Crews By Sandra Scott As with reading, math literacy begins with the preschoolers. Three generations on a big boat in the middle of a quiet lake in the desert. 30 we’re taking in the G’Kids… Yes, social workers interfere— and yes, you can get help. By Suzanne Finley 6 GRAND MAY 2009 4 0 soul Food Why grandmothers don’t eat. By Lynne Daroff 36

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GRAND Magazine - May 2009
GRAND Central
Watching Lily Bloom
GrandZ in the 'Hood'
Numbers Game
We're Taking In the G'Kids
Family Crews
Soul Food
GRAND Finale

GRAND Magazine - May 2009