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tips & hints + GRAND CENTRAL share & show + comments & conversation + links & legacies + wise whys & wherefores Happy birthday, Earth Day! arth Day turns 40 on April 22. This is a perfect opportunity to team up with your grandchild in an environmental project. Here are some ideas from the Earth Day Network  on the “Get Active with Your Kids” page : Write a story Together, write a short story of an imaginary trip through the jungle; then research how deforestation and animal poaching are damaging the rainforest. Make a poster Create an environmental slogan and decorate a poster. Recycle Make a recycled flowerpot from a 2-liter soda bottle. Make a tire swing. Go through the house and talk about which products are recyclable or reusable. Plant a tree and enjoy nature On Earth Day clean up trash at a stream or nature setting, or plant a tree. Trees create oxygen for us to breathe. Watch “Polly Bear’s Earth Day” (for younger kids) at Earth Day TV  or “Learn about Earth Day” (for older kids/adults) at . CLICK ON VIDEO CONTROLS TO PLAY Click and connect to more resources instantly where you see this symbol:  MARCH APRIL GRAND

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GRAND Magazine - March/April 2010
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GRAND Magazine - March/April 2010