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together time Do you wanna dance? By Chris King Celebrate the oldies with a newbie g’kid M ost of us enjoy watching the hilariously energetic rhythms of a baby exercising in a Jolly Jumper. Or just turn up the music and every young child will start to boogie! (The Crazy Frog CDs  seem to get every child activated.) • Babies are born with rhythm; youngsters need to develop motor skills and coordination through active movement and dance. Many little ones start out with Ring Around the Rosie and love the falling-down part! Most children enjoy the Hokey Pokey  and If You’re Happy and You Know It . More recently, the Chicken Dance  has gained popularity with all ages of dancers, even at weddings and social gatherings. But are there other dances kids can be encouraged to dance at home? • Anyone who was a teen during the late ’50s and the ’60s can probably demonstrate some of the following: the Stroll, the Twist, the Peppermint Twist (a faster version!), the Swim, the Monkey, the Pony, the Mashed Potatoes, the Hitch Hike, the Bristol Stomp and the Bunny Hop. • If you need a refresher, go online to SixtiesCity . If nothing else, it will be good for a laugh and an opportunity to share the fact that Gran and Granddad know a thing or two about how to move! GRAND MARCH APRIL 2010

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GRAND Magazine - March/April 2010
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GRAND Magazine - March/April 2010