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contents March-April 2010 Win a litl Webbook! Enter our “A Grand by Any Other Name” contest and Win Something Wonderful! 11 GRAND CENTRAL 16 Win Something Wonderful! Ummm, good; the kindness of not-so-strangers; banana-fo-fanna You’ll win one of these great products if you’re one of the top six finalists in this issue’s contest. 30 She vs. She 20 On the Cover: Ken and Margie Blanchard: Grade A with the Grandkids Try a little kindness with your daughter-in-law. By Teresa Bell Kindred 32 FIRST PERSON Gram’s Legacy Thinking ahead is an act of love. By Talia Carner What would you like to be remembered for? By Richard J. Anthony, Sr. 24 The Gift of Green Investing Build your grandchild’s future with a responsible portfolio. By Leland B. Hevner 34 CYBER-SAVVY GRAND Framed! The innovative photo frame by CEIVA. By Shayne Packer 26 The Best Half 36 GRAND RIDE Preparing for the best part of life. By Jan Warner & Jan Collins Star Performer 28 TOGETHER TIME Even a grandchild can use OnStar to save a life. By Cathy Droz Do You Wanna Dance? Groovin’ to a fun beat with the g’kids. By Chris King 43 RESOURCES 44 GRAND FINALE Grandkids Send us your photos! MARCH APRIL COVER PHOTO: Jeff Lancaster, GRAND 3

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GRAND Magazine - March/April 2010
Win a litl Webbook!
GRAND Central
Win Something Wonderful!
Ken and Margie Blanchard: Grade A with the Grandkids
The Gift of Green Investing
The Best Half
Do You Wanna Dance?
She vs. She
Gram’s Legacy
Star Performer
GRAND Finale

GRAND Magazine - March/April 2010