GRAND Magazine - March/April 2010 - (Page 44)

grand finale That’s what it’s all about! Grandkids From Micki Miller: “What a view from up here!” GRAND Magazine invites you to send us a favorite photo of YOUR grandchild so we can share it with all our readers. Go to, and then click on “Submit your grandkid photos.” From Bertha Mejia: “My little princess, Sophia Isabel.” From Susan Martinez: “Two of my seven grandkids with smiles as bright as the sun.” From Antonia Jones: Kyaire, Mina, Journey & Jadyn From Mary McCamphill: “Looking up to my big sister.” From Susan Martinez: “My two oldest grandsons being cool for the camera”GRAND MARCH APRIL From Susan Hert: Brady, at 21 months

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GRAND Magazine - March/April 2010
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Ken and Margie Blanchard: Grade A with the Grandkids
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GRAND Magazine - March/April 2010