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your grandkids’ health Chicken soup Modern meds vs. When a child gets sick, does old school or new school work best? BY ANATOLY BELILOVSKY, M.D. P Share this article with your friends. 24 GRAND arents from different generations can have very different ideas on caring for children who are sick. Myths, old wives’ tales and outof-date information can cause a lot of confusion between new parents and grandparents. Treat fevers or let them run their course? Below 106 °F or so, the only reason to treat fevers is that they cause discomfort. Acetaminophen or ibuprofen should be used in moderation. A real danger of fevers is dehydration; also, a dehydrated child can’t make enough sweat to cool herself. Fluids are about the only “definite yes” in fever management. JAN FEB 2011 As for fever being useful in fighting the disease, it is one of the ways the body slows down infectious processes. Avoid dairy or “Got Milk?” Dairy does not increase mucus production. When a child is sick, he should eat his usual diet to reduce stress on his body. If that diet includes dairy, then give him dairy. If he can’t stomach anything, then make sure he gets a lot of fluids. You can also try the typical BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce and toast). Chicken soup or a spoonful of medicine? While chicken soup isn’t a miracle cure, it actually does help with a cold in a way. Soup

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