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dr. marion Priority # is you! New Year’s resolution for caregivers: put yourself first BY DR. MARION SOMERS W 28 GRAND ith every new year comes the promise of new beginnings, with many a resolution centered on improving one’s health, happiness and well-being. For those caring for an aging parent, though, it’s tough to put yourself first. Caregivers tend to overlook their own mental and physical health, and often feel guilty about taking time for themselves. But did you know that’s actually the best possible thing you can do for your loved one? The fact is, staying healthy JAN FEB 2011 and happy yourself will ultimately allow you to provide better care for someone else. Here’s how you can get started: Ask for help. Caring for a loved one can be an overwhelming job, yet many caregivers are determined to go it alone. This is a mistake. You’re not any less of a caregiver if you take some time out for yourself, seek out support or delegate tasks to others. All too often I see caregivers play Share this article with your friends. 1

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Grand - Jan/Feb 2011
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GRAND Magazine - January/February 2011