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Health on hold D What’s the real cost of caregiving? Humana Inc. is a full-service benefits solutions company, offering a wide array of health and supplemental benefit plans. Hot link: * “Baby Boomers Put Own Health on Back Burner to Care for Parents, Other Loved Ones” (the source for this article), with more results from the Humana survey of 1,000 boomers of ages 45-64 34 GRAND oes this sound like you? You have less time for your own interests, you’re skipping social activities, you’re dipping into savings and you’re anxious about your future financial picture. You’re not alone. A new survey* commissioned by Humana reveals that almost half of all baby boomers say that tending to their own health and well-being comes second to caring for the health needs of loved ones. Today in the U.S. there are 52 million caregivers playing a critical support role in our health system. While 81 percent of the surveyed boomers feel appreciated, the vast majority also feel stressed and exhausted; more than one in three say they often feel helpless. JAN FEB 2011 “People who ignore their personal well-being are often fine at first,” says Jean Bisio, president of Humana Cares, “but over time the impact on one’s personal health can be seen in weight gain, fatigue, and stress-related illness.” Share this article with your friends.

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