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* Susan: It takes courage to break away from others’ expectations about the way things are supposed to be. There is no right or wrong way to honor holidays, just as there is no right or wrong coping strategy. This grandmother is not being a scrooge; she is taking care of herself. She has painful feelings about holiday time because she associates it with the unfulfilled expectations of spending time with her grandchild. She doesn’t see the child during holidays or at all, nor is the child allowed to receive her gifts. She has changed her perceptions about how things are supposed to be. By eliminating the Christmas decorating and parties, she is protecting herself from sadness and anxiety. She has figured out that these are the stressors that can trigger depression. We have to do what is necessary to take care of ourselves, even if it doesn’t fit society’s expectations. Click to read this true (abridged) story in its entirety. SUSAN HOFFMAN IS THE AUTHOR OF GRAND WISHES: ADVOCATING TO PRESERVE THE GRANDPARENTGRANDCHILD BOND. A MUST-READ FOR ALL GRANDPARENTS! If you have a question relating to kinship care, please write to Michelle Gross, Director of Operations for the National Committee of Grandparents for Children’s Rights, at To learn more about NCGCR, call 866-824-9900. Drag scroll bar for more listings photos: ©

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GRAND Magazine - January/February 2011