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contents JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2011 8 GRAND CENTRAL Climb every mountain... Motorcycle g’mama... Martha, Martha. 12 Fabulous after 50 Tips for a stunning new you 14 A Midlife Faith Turn around and you’re a young mom... 18 ON THE COVER: Sue Ellen Cooper: Grand Lady of the Red Hats She’s the hat’s meow 22 Grands with a Mission They’re creating a legacy of health 24 YOUR GRANDKIDS’ HEALTH Chicken Soup vs. Modern Meds When caring for sick kids, should we go old school or new school? 28 DR. MARION Priority #1 Is You In the caregiving circle, you’re the hub 34 Health on Hold Giving 200 percent can be overkill 36 Boomers and Boomerang Kids Boing! They’re back! 39 I Left My Fat in San Francisco GRAND Poll: Is SF going too far to protect kids from obesity? 42 GRANDPARENT RIGHTS Reinventing the Holidays It’s a blue Christmas without grandkids 43 KINSHIP CARE RESOURCES 44 GRAND FAMILIES What Is Kinship Care? A child’s family is more than a mom and a dad 46 Talking Can Save Your Life Gynecologic cancer activism needs your voice 48 GRAND FINALIE A Fit Kid Is a Happy Kid COVER PHOTO: Debbie LeFever, JAN FEB 2011 GRAND 5 22 42 18

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Grand - Jan/Feb 2011
Grand Treasure Hunt
Table of Contents
Grand View
Grand Central
Fabulous After 50
A Midlife Faith
Grand Products
Cover Story
Grands With a Mission
Your Grandkids' Health
Dr. Marion
Health on Hold
Boomers and Boomerang Kids
Grandparent Rights
Kinship Care
Grand Families
Talking Can Save Your Life
Grand Finale

GRAND Magazine - January/February 2011