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grand view Are your grandkids watching? Welcome to our Health Issue. Please raise your hand if you want to be healthy and around to see your grandkids grow up! According to our friends at the Center for Science in the Public Interest, normal-weight Americans are now a minority. Two out of three adults and one out of three children are overweight or obese. Childhood obesity is growing faster than that of adults. What future will these children have? We glorify food, eat too much and move too little, and model this behavior for the next generation. We get heart disease, cancer and diabetes as a direct result, and then argue about who should pay for our health care. Can we all just...get a grip? We deserve more for ourselves and for the legacy we leave the grandkids. For a real eye-opener, check out this great video on by Dan Buettner: How to Live to 100+. Let’s please “Just Do It” for the sake of our grandkids. We can make a huge difference in our own lives while modeling the right stuff for the next 6 GRAND JAN FEB 2011 Christine Crosby with g’kids Madeline and Jacob generation. To see this in practice, don’t miss two inspirational stories in this issue: Sue Ellen Cooper, founder of the Red Hat Society, on page 18, and Derek and Shelby Hall, founders of Qivana, on page 22. In 2011 let’s agree to skip the potato chip aisle, drive past the McDonald’s without stopping and, if needed, go on a sensible long-term weight loss and physical activity program. I’m on the Qivana system, but whatever you choose, stick to it. And remember, your grandkids are watching! With my best to you and your family, Christine Crosby Founder and Publisher

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Grand - Jan/Feb 2011
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GRAND Magazine - January/February 2011